Mission Statement

At M Regenerative Clinic, we specialize in advanced Japanese regenerative science, delivering not just treatments, but tailor-made pathways to enhanced health and wellness.

Every facet of our establishment, including our state-of-the-art on-site lab, has been designed with our patients at heart, marrying cutting-edge research with a deeply personal approach to care.

We try to do our best to help you and provide with a high-quality services.

Meet Our Team of Doctors

Dr. Midori Meshitsuka

MD Director

MD Life Science Research Institute Research Director

Meet Our Team of Lab Researchers

Dr. Mari Yagita

Dr. Mari Yagita earned her doctorate from Tokyo University of Science and has experience across multiple medical research institutions. She is skilled in advanced cell culture techniques, especially with iPS cells, and in genetic therapy, contributing to our stem cell research advancements. Her knowledge in genetic engineering and immunological experiments, along with her precise approach to cellular and genetic procedures, supports our work in regenerative medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Mari Yagita has published numerous scientific articles about her work in virology, immunology, and cell biology. In 2003, she was honored with the Academic Encouragement Award for the Best Paper from the Japan Society for Cytometry, recognizing her significant contributions to the field of cytometry, which involves the measurement and analysis of cell characteristics and properties.

Dr. Natsuko Kimura

Dr. Natsuko Kimura completed her doctoral studies in internal medicine at the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. Following her academic pursuits, she embarked on a professional journey at the RIKEN Center for Life Science Research, before joining our team of researchers.