Understanding Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

The surgery usually takes about 20min to harvest the fat either from the stomach or from the leg.

We use the local anesthesia and most of our patients may not feel a lot of pain but some may feel a little stretch-like feeling.

Patients may experience some mild muscle-like pain or internal bleeding from about 5 hours after the surgery, but the pain will quickly disappear. In some cases, internal bleeding may remain for about two weeks.

Cultured stem cells can be administered as an intravenous drip throughout the body, or by injection into local areas such as the knee joint, scalp, or skin.

It is recommended that you undergo stem cell treatment approximately once every three months.

The laboratory located right next to our clinic has established partnership with the University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science and the Birth Hospital, successfully established iPS cells and is conducting daily research to provide better quality stem cells.